Meeting the imaging needs of small start up businesses


Starting a new business is such an exciting time, however, the reality of how much is involved can very quickly hit home.  Budgets can very quickly feel stretched and that can often mean making some serious compromises on your initial vision and business plan.  After working with small business owners for the last 10 years I've become very aware that photography is often thought about too late in the set up process.  This means that a well intentioned marketing plan suddenly finds itself without the budget for professional commercial photography.  I know I'm biased, but images are so crucial to every business.  Your snazzy new website won't look nearly as amazing with poor quality images.  How will you build your social media presence without decent images to support your marketing messages?  Don't just take my word for it but chat to branding experts and website designers who will all confirm that images really need to be made a top priority. 

There is of course the option for stock photography but there is no guarrantee that you'll find images to fit your branding and there is always the risk of duplication with a competitor.  Searching for stock images is also very time intensive ( I know people that have spent days on this task!) and so it's worth thinking about what your time is worth.  For the equivalent (or often less) amount of investment you could commission a professional who can create a bespoke set of images for you.  Images that feature your environment, your products, your services and your people.  In a nutshell - youre own personal stock library!  

Images support and are often at the heart of your brand.  Photography is all about first impressions and great images really do grab attention in those first crucial milliseconds of a potential customer landing on your website.

My style of photography is all about storytelling.  I use a documentary approach and a feminine eye for detail to really tell the story behind your product, service or establishment.  I work primarily with natural light and images have a strong editorial feel to them. 


commercial photography for start up businesses


Every new business will have it's own unique set of imaging requirements.  Therefore, I'm offering a simple shoot rate that can be used in different ways to suit each business owner. 


CAPTURE YOUR BRAND - START UP SHOOT £275   (My normal half day rate would be £450 so it's a great opportunity to give your budget a helping hand)

A half day of my time (up to 4 hours) which could include a combination of the following to suit you:

  • Image branding consultation
  • Photography (on location or at your business premises)
  • Photography tuition including guidance on taking your own images for instagram and other social media platforms

The shoot fee also includes editing time and a license giving you permission to use the images across all media types without any restrictions.  So for example, use for website, blog, social media, press, marketing literature, exhibition displays - would all be covered in the license.

The only potential expense to factor in would be travel if you are located outside York City Centre.  Please note this special introductory rate is only available to new clients who have been trading for under six months. 


For more information or to book a shoot please call 07779 345819 or email  

You can find out more about my experience and my work on my commercial photography website: